Friday, January 20, 2012

One moment

I didn't have to plead with him to join me. All I did was invite him into a field of dandelions and he immediately followed. I realized then that it is the innocent wonder of a 6-year-old's heart that captivates me. While his attention span is usually short, it felt as if he would have sat with me there for hours, picking each dandelion and blowing them carefully. In that moment, I was seeing a bit of heaven, a sprinkle of the divine on the rough texture of this earth. Eyes of awe and smile of contentment. He wrapped his little arms around me and looked up at me, searching for my gaze. I smiled back. The silence was filled with a resounding joy and, after all my years of searching, I realized I was again encountering true Life. Encountering Christ in the moment. Holding up the moment, a gift, and offering it back to Him. A sanctuary of thanksgiving. And, He showed it to me through a 6 year-old boy, leaving my heart aching for my true Home.
I realized something recently. I am tired. Soul-tired. And, very much hungry. This is due to such a complicated web of reasons. But, I am tired of sifting through those reasons and dwelling upon everything except the One whom I love. I find, more and more, my hunger is for the simplicity of moments like the one I recorded above. Just to follow His invitation to enjoy Him and become completely unburdened there. Just one moment of complete, un-distracted devotion. And, before I go to Him, I already know He will satisfy. I already know that He will be as a sweet healing balm to my soul. I believe our Father delights to know that we expect to see His face like the sun shining in full strength (Rev 1:16) when we rest beside Him.

Whoso hath known that comforting.
The inward touch that maketh whole,
How can he ever choose but sing
To Thee, O Lover of his soul?
~ Amy Carmichael