Tuesday, May 8, 2012

From one season to another...

2012 is a strange year for me. So unlike everything I could have ever imagined it could have been. With each passing month, I come upon new discoveries about myself, others, and this fleeting vapor we call life. I feel like I am passing through from one day to the next, trying to take in everything that is coming at me in this season of my youth - so many joys, so many sorrows! My heart is full as it is heavy and, yet, free and happy to just be! I adore the quiet stillness as much as I revel in the loudness! I want to embrace it all - every thorn and every jewel - to offer it up back to Him, the One to whom I belong, in one word of thanksgiving. But, there's so much. Life is so full. How can I possibly be thankful enough? How can I possibly learn enough? How can I possibly laugh enough? And weep enough? Oh, He knows. He knows. That is the source of my comfort. I am so glad Yeshua holds me heart when I feel so overwhelmed. 

And, due to this very reason, I am taking a long break from blogging to live to the fullest this gift called Life that I have through Him. I do miss blogging. I haven't made a decent post in months. However, I have found it increasingly difficult to keep this blog, which is very sad considering that blogging has always been therapeutic for me. And, I do miss perusing the endless streams of blogs that I follow. Yes, I'm quite addicted to photo and food blogs. One cannot try to maintain a blog AND obsessively explore other cute blogs while trying to juggle the many demands of a busy life!! It's just not realistic. hehe! But, while I may not be blogging regularly right now, I will keep my eyes open for breaks along my future path that may allow for it. Perhaps, at that point, I may start a new blog. Who knows but Him. Right now, I'm just absorbing what He is teaching and showing me. And, I am so enjoying this walk with my Lord from one degree of glory to another. 

And so, for now, I must depart with a poem shared with me by my dearest friend. 

Our lives, discolored with our present woes,
May still grow white and shine with happier hours,
So the pure limped stream, when foul with stains
Of rushing torrents and descending rains,
Works itself clear, and as it runs refines,
Til by degrees the floating mirror shines,
Reflects each flower that on the border grows,
And a new heaven in its fair bosom shows.
~ Joseph Addison