Friday, April 30, 2010

Holy Darkness

There is an old song that Catholic singer/guitarist John Michael Talbot recorded called “Holy Darkness” by Daniel L. Schutte. I was raised on much of Talbot's music and heard this many times growing up. It's a beautiful, worshipful piece of music with meaningful, Biblical lyrics. I usually don't come across many song lyrics that capture Biblical suffering in the right light, but this one is filled with the Lord's holy purposes in the dark night of our souls.

Holy darkness, blessed night
Heaven’s answer hidden from our sight,
As we await You, O God of silence,
We embrace Your Holy night.
I have tried you in the fires of affliction;
I have taught your soul to grieve.
In the barren soil of your loneliness,
There I will plant my seed.

I have taught you the price of compassion;
you have stood before the grave.
Though my love can seem like a raging storm,
this is the love that saves.
Were you there when I raised up the mountains?
Can you guide the morning star?
Does the hawk take flight when you give command?
Why do you doubt my pow'r?
In the deepest hour of your darkness,
I will give you wealth untold,
When the silence stills your spirit,
Will my riches fill your soul.
As the watchman waits for morning,
and the bride awaits her groom,
so we wait to hear your footsteps
as we rest beneath your moon.

“I will give you treasures out of the darkness, and riches that have been hidden away, that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.” ~ Isaiah 45:3


Dionne said...

Wow - what poignant prose. I have never seen this before. Thanks for sharing.

Nolan said...

What a great song, and perfect scripture to go with it.

Cole said...

wow! this is great. love your blog! i'm now following.

nicole visiting from

Erika said...

Glad this song is much enjoyed. :-)