Monday, April 4, 2011

Visionary Monday ~ A Glimpse of Spurgeon Family Worship

I just happened across a very incredible post through The Resurgence website on Charles Spurgeon and family worship. It's so timely and perfect for 'Visionary Monday' that I am compelled to share it! The post is called, A Glimpse of Spurgeon Family Worship.

We have all likely heard of the public ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. However, his private ministry in his home may be even more compelling as he gives a profound example of what it means to pastor your first church body—your family.

Spurgeon says:

“If we want to bring up a godly family, who shall be a seed to serve God when our heads are under the clods of the valley, let us seek to train them up in the fear of God by meeting together as a family for worship.”

Susannah, his wife, describes the nightly scene at their house:

“After the meal was over, an adjournment was made to the study for family worship, and it was at these seasons that my beloved’s prayers were remarkable for their tender childlikeness, their spiritual pathos and their intense devotion. He seemed to come as near to God as a little child to a loving father, and we were often moved to tears as he talked thus face to face with his Lord.”

A visitor tells of his evening in the Spurgeon home:

One of the most helpful hours of my visits to Westwood was the hour of family prayer. At six o’clock all the household gathered into the study for worship. Usually Mr. Spurgeon would himself lead the devotions. The portion read was invariably accompanied with exposition. How amazingly helpful those homely and gracious comments were. I remember, especially, his reading of the twenty-fourth of Luke: “Jesus Himself drew near and went with them.” How sweetly he talked upon having Jesus with us wherever we go. Not only to have Him draw near at special seasons but to go with us whatever labour we undertake... ...Then, how full of tender pleading, of serene confidence in God, of world-embracing sympathy were his prayers... His public prayers were an inspiration and benediction, but his prayers with the family were to me more wonderful still... Mr. Spurgeon, when bowed before God in family prayer, appeared a grander man even than when holding thousands spellbound by his oratory. Spurgeon, despite a schedule that would crush most and physical ailments that would cause the rest us to tap out, maintained this time with family regardless of his circumstances or company. It was his great joy to do so. May it be the same with us.

Last, but not least, I found this nugget of truth from a post by Blessed Femina, whose blog I absolutely adore!! Thank you, Miss Jen.

"Every Christian family ought to be a little church,

consecrated to Christ and wholly influenced

and governed by His Laws."

-Jonathan Edwards


Nolan said...

Good post! There is a tendency these days, especially with fathers, to be more withdrawn from family. It's more accepted that their role ends at providing financially, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Sons and daughters need a father that is present in their lives and teaching them the Word, just as they lovingly prepare them for every other challenge in life. God grant men to be available fathers to their children to raise them up in the Word.

Erika said...

So true, Amen! The father's role of headship as spiritual leader, protector, and provider could never be over-emphasized, especially in our modern society.