Monday, September 6, 2010

O for grace to love Him more!

Ellerslie...has been an intimate abiding with the King of kings, hidden away with Him in the secret place and communing with Him in the prayer closet. This set-apart season at Ellerslie has been strengthening and healing. It has ever increased my faith in my precious Lord. It is here that I’ve truly come to know the reality of what it means to be a bearer of His name and to tremble with adoration and holy fear before Him. The Lord has used this time to strip me of self’s agenda and given me His heart and mind for His high calling of forging saints for His kingdom. My love and understanding of the Gospel has deepened as well as my reverence for His sacred Word. Here, you are encouraged and trained to be a Berean, searching the Scriptures daily. I’ve never felt so hungry for His Word before and it’s truly a delight! Every morning, I awake with a great expectancy and a quiet joy for how He will unfold each day for His glory. By the end of each day, I’m left very humbled and greatly dependent upon Him, knowing the significance of His claim on my life and in need of the Holy Spirit’s enabling power to carry out His work and life in and through me as His surrendered vessel.

This was a description I wrote while at Ellerslie this summer. It was part of the student "homework" during one week in July. I've had a terrible time trying to summarize Ellerslie and what it is and what I experienced/learned there; I think I end up on long, incoherent rambles whenever I do start to talk about it. Haha! This summary still fails to grasp the fullness of it. *sigh*

Ah, my heart could burst!

Jesus, Jesus, how I love You - how I've proved You o'er and o'er - Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, Oh for grace to love You more!

*Photo of me by the lake next to Ellerslie - taken by the incredibly beautiful and humble Brooke B., my fellow Ellerslie-sister! :-)