Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rainy Day Antique Shopping

This post is far overdue. Life can get busy very quickly when you're in college. Oy!
I decided to take a little break from my study on Love, since the next post is going to be pretty heavy. In fact, I have noticed that the past 5+ posts of mine have been very thick and weighty, particularly my personal posts. Welcome to the world of me (I am an INFP, after all!). :) I am not a sunshine-and-giggles type of person. Although, there is plenty of joy in my inward reflections, just not the typical kind that you'd expect.
Two Mondays ago, my family went antiquing in downtown Phoenix. I managed to snap quite a few pictures from my phone and wanted to blog about some of my findings. Word of advice: never go antique shopping when you are penniless! Suddenly everything looks more tempting when you are poor. haha!

I love pretty, porcelain houseware sets.
Perfect for a pink, shabby-chic Victorian room!
Two neat masks!Rows of antique tablecloths, fabrics, shawls, and lace trims. I could have sat there for hours going through all those delicate fabrics!
I love old-fashioned hats!
My sister posing in a hat that screamed,"VICTORIAN TEA PARTY!!!"
Mad Hatter's Antiques and Collectibles - coolest name for an antique shop!
Who doesn't want an old traveling trunk?
Beautiful Greek vases.
Old poetry books - some of the bindings were coming off! Ah, the best thing in the world!
A tapestry of a baroque scene! Ooo!
I thought these were cute country-style holders for spices and seasonings.
Very adorable tea cups and plates.
Gorgeous old-fashioned picture. A quaint little side-drawer. Some of the paint was chipping off, but I love the rustic look of it!


rowan said...

So, I wish I went shopping with you! Looks like you found some really cool treasures. I love love love that trunk you found and you're right, nothing is better than old antique poetry books! Sounds like you had a wonderful rainy day!! :)

In His Love... :)

silent_librarian said...

These pictures get my stamp of approval. Hehe!

Also, yeah, what is with those weighty posts! Who wants to read that junk, you weirdo INFP! ;-P

You should be posting them to Fruit Bearing Seed, btw. Well, unless they are too personal.

poetic_capture said...

Nice pics! :-) Antique shopping is lots of fun. I love the hat your sister had on!