Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"to touch souls to eternal issues..."

I do not think there is anything so essential to real service for God… as an entire separation and devotion to the work.” Thus speaks Arnot of Central Africa; thus speaks every man and woman whose life has made more than a passing flicker in the spiritual realm. Whether among our fellow countrymen or the people of the land, it is the life that has no time for trifling that tells.
We all long to live to the uttermost,
Not with the crowd to be spent,
Not without aim to go round,
In an eddy of purposeless dust,
Effort unmeaning and vain,
in very truth to live, to touch souls to eternal issues.

- Amy Carmichael

After a year, I decided to start this blog again. I don't claim to be gifted at writing. I am most certainly not an eloquent person. However, I've come to appreciate it as a very healthy discipline (when done in the correct manner - not merely as a way to vent unbridled emotions and thoughts). There are some blogs that I've been following for awhile now (written by some very wonderful, Godly women - many of which I've posted on the right side of my page here) that have inspired me in my pursuit for Christ-centered blogging. This is my attempt at a more spiritually-personal, but Biblical and edifying blog page. The aim is "to live to the uttermost" and glorify God in my words. May He impart grace onto whomsoever visits this simple little blog.
These are not just the mere thoughts of a silly-heart and an excessively romantic musician, but the musings of a sojourner and the lessons from a disciple-in-training. A set-apart young woman learning true Biblical womanhood, daughterhood, and sisterhood. A frail, wandering-hearted sinner clinging to the Cross and yearning to love with a pure heart.

p.s. I do hope visitors enjoy the music in my playlist. I have a love for melancholy, contemplative, and hopelessly romantic melodies and tunes (My Brightest Diamond, Loreena McKennitt, Vienna Teng, and Melody Gardot being my current top favorites). : )