Saturday, May 25, 2013


Okay, just kidding.^_^
I am still blogging. I just needed some fresh inspiration and an entire new blogger account. hah! From now on, I will be posting at my new place..follow me at the link below, if you'd like! :)

Minstrel of Grace

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Departure from the world of blogging...

I have mused quite awhile on whether I would continue posting on this blog. However, due to the amount of pursuits I am currently investing in, I feel it is best to end my postings on this blog here. I am thinking of starting another blog at some point, perhaps when I have more clarity on exactly what I want to chronicle and share. I have had so many things on my heart as of late and, in time, would enjoy being able to express them. My Father has been instructing and growing me in so much. Yet, for now, I must draw this blog to an end. I began it nearly 3.5 years ago as a way to connect with others and share personal things that I was learning through life. It truly was therapeutic for me, as well as beneficial to my writing! I will continue to keep it up for awhile only to have access to previous posts that I made.
Thank you my fellow blogger-friends! :)

As a side note, my only current blog will be the one for my essential oil journey/business, Ancient Essentials via this link. Please follow me through there for those who are interested in alternative/natural health.

Ancient Essentials

Love and blessings!